Welcome to OutRunSec

I had a unique idea. Bring together two of my passions. Cyber Security and Outrun /Synth-wave/Retro-wave music and aesthetic to create a…. wait for it….a Cyber security blog with a Outrun theme!

Fast forward a couple certifications and months spent hacking the box and capturing flags, I’m ready to take the next step and actually create the blog.

Create a cyber security / ethical hacking blog might not be a unique idea, but it did sound rewarding and like a good chance to share while I continue my career development and interest in Cyber. I’ll have a place to share my experiences and do those awesome Write-ups for all the CTFs. Maybe someone will find this useful like I did, when I was working on many, many boxes out there.

That’s what you’ll get here. Cyber Security, CTF write-ups, tool cheat sheets and tips, and general Cyber Security info. Plus I’ll have some links and recommendations for OutRun movies and music.

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